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We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Bowl

Sep 4th, 2012

Excuse me the title, but when Acadia showcased her Queen Monster Tomato my mind had yet to make the leap from Shark Week and bigger boats to farming and jumbo tomatoes. And when I say we’re gonna need a bigger bowl… I mean with all hands on deck and tomato juice flying and canning jars [...]


Silver Bells, Cockle Shells, they’re all just fine without me

Jul 1st, 2011

While I’ve been busy with a bunch of this and a whole lot of that I haven’t had much time to pay attention to what’s going on in my own backyard.  Yes, you’re seeing right.  It’s time for the Aerial Squirrel Olympics. And the garden, while not defying gravity, is worthy of some medals of [...]


What I don’t know about chickens

Jun 16th, 2011

Chicken: Not a chicken: Hang tight. We have just about reached the end of my knowledge about chickens. They have beady little eyes. The color of the eggs they lay is directly linked to the color of their earlobes.  Impressive sounding, right?  At least until you get to the obvious follow-up question. So no, I [...]


Blame it on the Rain that keeps fallin’ fallin’

May 25th, 2011

Ahhhh.  Hello my beautiful sunny iris. If you squint just right it don’t you think it almost looks like that smoking hot orb that used to hang in the sky above this fair land? Forgive me the sarcasm. It’s not as if I’m one of those cheery sunshiny types.  I don’t need the sun to [...]


Mouse Skulls and Mother’s Day

May 10th, 2011

Do you want to know the best thing about this plastic baggie full of mouse skeletons? It’s not my maternal pride over the obvious CSI skills my daughters’ exhibit. It’s not knowing that our neighborhood owls are eating well, controlling the mouse population, and selecting our pine tree for the repository of their pellets/gifts.  Though [...]


The Answer is Blowing in the Wind

Apr 11th, 2011

The question, of course, was the one I posed in a round-about way last week:  How do you protect your sprout-lings from the cold winds that blow? You can plant the seeds. You can nurture the little guys as they poke their heads into the world for the first time. You can shower them with [...]


March Madness and Garden Insanity

Mar 22nd, 2011

You’ve seen the videos I’ve forced upon you.  My girls can jump. Though to the dismay of their basketball-loving father that has not necessarily translated into an interest in basketball.  Given the circumstances, Dave did what any sport-loving guy would do; he called for back-up.  It’s good to have nephews. Five year old Felix watched.  [...]


Well Good Morning to You Too

Mar 7th, 2011

Oh.  Hello. I didn’t see you there. No, it’s fine.  Of course I didn’t think that just because I took a little time-out that the world should stop turning.  I mean, there are lunches to be made and dictators to topple and yes, teeth will continue to fall out and hey even the sprouts are [...]


Garden Update June 3, 2010

Jun 7th, 2010

I haven’t seen an aphid, a slug or a snail, the notorious arch-enemies of spinach, but someone’s been eating my spinach… That’s ok, because the lettuce is so soft and sweet I’m fine to let the mysterious muncher have the majority of the spinach. The pumpkins are promising – A self planted carrot – Cucumbers [...]


Gone Fishin’

Jun 7th, 2010

The Greener Biener Takes A Break I’ll miss you dear readers, It’s for you that I write But the call of the wild (that is, my backyard) Is too strong to fight Schools out for summer I’ve cut back on house cleaning Yet my time packs right up With picnic-making and sun-screening And there are [...]