The Greener Biener Philosophy

Words matter.

The right words provide an opportunity to accurately represent yourself to the world.

Whether you’re preparing to change your career path, or searching for the best way to present yourself in a college essay, you are the expert on you.  Coaching sessions are designed to create thought-provoking dialogue to help unlock your story and identify your unique voice.

This philosophy forms the foundation for all our work.

What’s my story?

Meet Daphne Biener…

I am a listener and a writer.  I have spent my 20+ professional years in industries from healthcare and non-profits, to consulting and high-tech. I have coached physicians in communicating difficult messages, and have worked with directors tasked with explaining and implementing unwelcome changes with their management teams.

My career has presented me with opportunities to listen, identify pain-points, and help craft customized solutions that address needs, both expressed and inferred.  Drawing unique, often hidden, stories from the people I’ve met along the way has presented me with the highlights of many of the paths I’ve traveled.

I have had the pleasure of working with people of all ages,  students looking to develop a love of writing, teens seeking guidance as they develop their college application essays, and adults wanting to redefine their career path.