Essay Coaching

College Essays, Personal Statements, Scholarship Applications

The college essay is not just an answer to a question. It’s an opportunity to connect the dots from a specific experience to its consequences and their impact on you.

Uncover your best story, tell it in your truest voice, and use it to showcase your unique perspective. Create an engaging essay, one that grabs your reader and shows what makes you tick.

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Content Coaching

Resumes, Bios, Websites, Profiles.

Selecting the right words to describe yourself and your endeavors is a powerful way to showcase who you are.

Present your experiences proudly and authentically to demonstrate why your specific toolset empowers you to succeed.

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Writing Tutor

Assignment-specific tutoring for grades 6-12.

Tailored specifically for the needs of your student, tutoring sessions can be scheduled for help on a regular basis, in preparation for an exam, or for assignment-specific help.

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