Blame it on the Rain that keeps fallin’ fallin’

Ahhhh.  Hello my beautiful sunny iris.

If you squint just right it don’t you think it almost looks like that smoking hot orb that used to hang in the sky above this fair land?

Forgive me the sarcasm.

It’s not as if I’m one of those cheery sunshiny types.  I don’t need the sun to make me smile.  I like dreary rainy days that dispense permission to lounge in sweatpants with each thirst-quenching drop.

But enough is enough. I’m getting kind of cranky.

Maybe that has something to do with swim team practices in the cold rain and my inability to differentiate between a character-building, commitment-keeping lesson and being a mean parent.

But never mind a couple of wet, whiny kids, we’ve got strawberries bursting out of their patch–

My favorite flower flax is flexing its, um, floral-ness

And speaking of things that are taking delight in this everlasting deluge, there’s this, er, thing

This unidentified random weed that I neglected and it grew and grew and just when it started towering over me and hungrily licking its chops it burst into lovely light pink blossoms and now it’s not that scary anymore. In fact, I’m renaming it ‘flowering bush’ and inviting it to stay.

This is the garden.

Unfortunately, that big bare spot to the south represents the broccoli, pepper and eggplant sprouts that, like my shivering swimmers, proved not to be fans of icy rain.   But it’s okay, because I’m sure these guys will fit in just fine–

They look so hearty and tough.

And I’ll just bet they don’t complain to their mother even though she’s hardly the one who voluntarily begged to be signed up to swim.


In Colorado.

In stupid old unpredictable May.

5 Replies to “Blame it on the Rain that keeps fallin’ fallin’”

  1. I keep reminding myself that this cool weather will soon be replaced by the hot desert heat and the sun pounding down, so enjoy the cool while you can. And you may not think you are sticking to your green guns, but you are not printing your newsletter, so there’s that! Also, you talk about the garden and plants a lot, that definitely qualifies 🙂

  2. I can’t help but think of Jennie singing “blame it on Elaine. . .” whenever that song comes up. The flowers look great. The sun will come out soon – it always does. Miss you. Take care. xoxo

  3. The rain is making us crazy here too. The other night I had a foot and a half pond in my back yard thanks to the rain.

  4. We’ve decided to turn our yard into a mushroom farm.

  5. grandpa mikey June 1, 2011 at 9:02 pm

    all that glisters is not gold. if you didn’t put it there its a weed. G-P Mikey

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