Client Testimonials

In their own words…

I got into the Loyola Honors program!! I appreciate the effort you put into me and my writing. Thank you for helping me build my confidence as a student.

Ellie M.

Loyola Honors ’28

Thank you so much! I spoke to my son after your meeting and he sounded thrilled. He said it’s the best thing he has ever written.

Lindsay G.


I’m super excited to be heading to Oregon. Working with you on my essay was extremely helpful, and my essay wouldn’t have been as good if I wrote it on my own.  Thanks again for all your help and support!

Aidan S.

U Oregon ’26

Working with Daphne was almost therapeutic.  Helping me land on the topic was huge.


CU ’23

We all sing your praises!!!  Both of my kids really value being able to work with you and the confidence you gave them in a very supportive manner.  My 8th grade son just said, ‘She helped me get my thoughts in order.’

Cameo M.


Thank again for your help on building out my resume. I finally took your advice and added a list of skills and summary of my career journey to the top. After that revision, I went from 75+ days to an interview to 10 days to an interview.  And I start my new job today!

Ted S.

Resume client

I truly appreciate your help and support with my ‘re-branding’ effort! You have made the world of difference in my outward expression!

Philip M

Resume Client

I got into CU and decided to accept!  Thank you for all your help with my essays.  I couldn’t have done it without you!

Grace F

CU ’23

URI’s nursing program was a reach, but I really think it was my essay that got me in. I definitely would not have had as much college admissions success without you. I truly enjoyed working with you and I can never thank you enough.

Ally G

URI Nursing ’26



Resume Client

Thank you so much for your help. I couldn’t have done it without you! I really enjoyed talking through my experiences with you, and I am so happy I am able to express it all in writing! You are the best.


UVM ’24

A mother’s heartfelt THANK YOU for helping my daughter find her voice and express it…all while building her confidence and enthusiasm for the task.   We are so thrilled for this admission!!

Trisha M.


Learning that I could write about I love was amazing.


CO Mesa ’23

Your expertise has helped us immensely. Thank you for helping her share the essence of herself in such a genuine way. I absolutely love my daughter’s essay.

Stacy K.


Thank you for creating a peaceful and nurturing environment for my son … and helping him find academic confidence during this process.



Thank you so so so much for all of your help.  I really appreciate it! I couldn’t have written a word of this without you. You helped me so much.


SUNY Binghamton ’24

I plan to study Business Finance in the honors program at CSU which is really exciting. It was really great to work with you and I am very grateful for your help.


CSU ’26

My daughter really enjoyed working with Daphne this summer on her college essays. We are very impressed with the final product. The bonus was that she was very motivated for her meetings with Daphne and we didn’t have to nag her to work on her essays!



Daphne’s advice was conveyed clearly and forthright, and brought a level of clarity to a situation which I just could not see on my own. It gave me the confidence to pursue an entirely new direction.

Danielle C

Resume Client

I’m super excited to be attending Northeastern University in the D’Amore McKim School of Business! Northeastern was my top school! Thank you so much for working with me during this process and helping me achieve my goal!


Northeastern ’26

Daphne helped take my essay to another level. She helped me develop a simple story into an essay that got me into all the schools applied to.  Receiving help from Daphne was definitely the most helpful and beneficial thing I did during the college application process.


KU ’23

I committed to Purdue for engineering! I got in to 12 of the 15 schools I applied to! My family loved what you were able to do for me so I’m sure you will see my brother in a couple of years! 

Lily E

Purdue ’25