Resume & Content Coach

Articulate your goals. Find your path. Empower yourself.

Dream your dream. Then refine the clarity of your message.

EXTRACT the vital pieces of the story you want to tell.

DISTILL the best bites down into a solid, presentable whole.

SHOWCASE your strongest and most authentic self.

Make the words of your resume, bio, website, or profile, work for you.

The words you choose will define how the world perceives you. When you control your story, you determine your path. Whether it’s your resume, a linkedin profile, or the website for your business, HOW you tell your tale matters.

Chose to see the opportunity lurking within a challenge –

  • Navigating a return to the workforce
  • Untangling a tricky transition
  • Searching for clarity around a professional decision
  • Embarking on a mid-career change

“Daphne’s advice was conveyed clearly and forthright, and brought a level of clarity to a situation which I just could not see on my own. It gave me the confidence to pursue an entirely new direction.”

–Danielle, resume client