Arrrr, Keep Ye Quarters (& bring me them toys)

We’ve spoken before about my aversion to teeth. I especially deplore this habit they have of being cohesive team players in the mouth one day and walking the plank the next.

Warning: this post features a picture of one terribly frightening mug

Isn’t it horrible?  The mish-mash of unevenness and drool and bloody gums.  This maw only an orthodontist could love.

But be yea warned.  The pirate behind these pearls is one tough negotiator. She who takes her fairies seriously and who frankly has had it with quarters.

If she really considered herself a friend to the fairies she might have thought twice about throwing a wrench into the tooth fairy’s already tight schedule.  The poor fairy, who not only had to deal with the existential parenting conundrum of keeping faith alive, but now had to scramble and rummage through the dark house in hopes of discovering an unfamiliar yet worthy toy.

Impressively, I happened upon this.  One perfect glass frog.  More than equal in value to one bloody little baby tooth.

The next morning breakfast was full of musings.  Yes, my pirate was thrilled with her bounty, but how had the fairy found such a gem?

And if she had such awesome toys in her arsenal, what’s the deal with the lousy quarters?

What exactly are the logistics of maneuvering it beneath the pillow?

And what on earth could she be planning with all those teeth?

6 Replies to “Arrrr, Keep Ye Quarters (& bring me them toys)”

  1. HA! As soon as I read Cady’s letter I thought the exact same thing…Hmmm, so Cady fancies herself a friend of the tooth fairy, hmmm? So classic. Anyway, fear not! I hear that orthodontia has come a long way since you smacked out my teeth in the early 80’s.

  2. Great post.

    We have been telling her for a while that she needs to speak up if she expects to get what she wants. Mission accomplished. Perhaps she will be more willing to expedite the removal of loose teeth in the future knowing she can set her price. This one dangled for 2 long months.

  3. Ha – well done Cady! She’s got this negotiating thing in the bag! Just wait, next she’ll have a fishtank and a bigger room to accomodate said fishtank…

    @ David: Wait, you mean you’re not just tying people’s teeth to door knobs anymore?!

  4. Love that grin!

  5. Go Cady! I might be mistaken about this but didn’t you mail old baby teeth or something like that to Kelc (or she mailed them to you. . .). Or, maybe I am delusional, did too many whip-its in college and I made the whole thing up. . .

  6. Who does have the wisdom teeth right now?

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