What I don’t know about chickens


Not a chicken:

Hang tight. We have just about reached the end of my knowledge about chickens.

They have beady little eyes.

The color of the eggs they lay is directly linked to the color of their earlobes.  Impressive sounding, right?  At least until you get to the obvious follow-up question.

So no, I do not know how one locates a chicken earlobe.

I also do not know how the eggs decide who will go on to become a big chick and who joins us for breakfast.

Nor do I understand what drove the children to spend copious amounts of time passing weeds into the coop.

Perhaps it had to do with the pathetic state of farm strawberries this year.  Hail damaged and dusty, we picked barely enough to squeak out 4 jars of jam  Hardly enough to get us through the summer, let alone the school year, but I am not concerned in the slightest.

Who needs cowboy-hick-farmland berries anyway?

Not us.

We are partial to their beautifully bountiful backyard suburban cousins.

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  1. So I must have missed this section in our mother-daughter talks. If a chicken has sex with a rooster then all the eggs are fertilized and lead to little chicks if there is no rooster, the eggs just come day by day and that leads to omelets

  2. grandpa mikey June 17, 2011 at 6:59 am

    Of course one of those jars comes east for quality control and assiduous sampling…This boot is so much fun in bed. Love, G-P M

  3. If I can’t go to GreenerBiener for answers about chickens then I am just lost. I need answers!

  4. My neighbors have become urban farmers and now have two hens. My dog thinks chicken would be good for lunch.

  5. I’m actually pretty impressed with your chicken knowledge. Is that true what your mom wrote?

  6. Impressive strawberries and knowledge of chickens :-). I thought from the title of the post that you were going to write that you had gotten some chickens. . .

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