Mouse Skulls and Mother’s Day

Do you want to know the best thing about this plastic baggie full of mouse skeletons?

It’s not my maternal pride over the obvious CSI skills my daughters’ exhibit.

It’s not knowing that our neighborhood owls are eating well, controlling the mouse population, and selecting our pine tree for the repository of their pellets/gifts.  Though all those things are clearly good things.

No, the best part about this cluster of doom is that it was not my Mother’s Day gift.

Because while I appreciate the heck out of every thoughtful token my daughters have bestowed over the years, it would have taken considerably more energy then I’ve got to muster up the necessary ooohs and ahhhs over this bag o’ bones.

In between dissections, the little naturalists did make themselves available to do mom’s bidding.  They scowled and declined happily lent a hand.  All it took was a subtle reminder that IT IS MOTHER’S DAY THAT’S WHY.

And in honor of Mother’s Day the hammock was to be hung.  I held the image all day as I seeded and weeded, knowing that soon I would be rocking gently beneath the trees.  Relaxing.

Sure enough, there was plenty of relaxing on Mother’s Day.

I know what you’re thinking, but you’re crazy.  It’s enough for me to simply watch my offspring relax with a good book.

Besides, between the children reading in the hammock and these love doves being all lovey dovey

And strawberries putting out their flowery best

And rhubarb so ripe it practically crisped itself,

And our future salads poking through to say hello

The day was perfect.

Especially since the mouse skulls weren’t destined for my room.  They were for the 2nd grade teacher.  Because nobody musters up excitement over mouse-parts-in-a-bag like a teacher.

5 Replies to “Mouse Skulls and Mother’s Day”

  1. Glad to hear that you had such a nice Mother’s Day! xoxo

  2. Enjoy! I love the pictures…. I know you must be working so hard in the garden right now. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.

  3. I am glad that you had a mouse bone free Mother’s Day! Did the 2nd grade teacher appreciate the bones? How did the girls decide who got to take them to school? xoxo

  4. Congrats on getting the bones out of your house. Looks like a perfect Mother’s Day.

  5. grandpa mikey May 12, 2011 at 4:57 am

    Amazing what the kids today can see and learn. We (Mom and I) didnt learn about owl pellets until a trip to Brazil a few years ago. Good for them. Most of God’s creatures do love mice! G-P Mikey

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