Free-Ranging It

Is what’s good for the goose chicken . . . good for the gander children?

These children that I have coddled and cuddled for over ten years? The ones who, yes, have a tendency to fall on their heads but otherwise have demonstrated good judgment and responsibility in spades.

Free range these children? These peace-loving, tree-hugging, flower children o’mine?

Yes.  I know the answer is yes.  It is time to let them out into that big bad world out there.

And in defense of that world, it’s been putting on a good show.  You’d never guess that she’s hell-bent on scaring me to pieces.  What with the blushing blossoms on her fruit trees

And her sweet young sprouts,

the world is practically bursting apart with displays of innocence.  It’s as if Mother Earth has draped herself in springtime in an evil attempt to forcefully loosen my hold and get my precious babes out into her play-land.

Which I know to be full of danger.

But it’s working.  I’m breaking down.  I am being fooled by Mama Nature.

Fooled into letting them ride their bikes without tethering them to bubble-wrap.  Fooled into giving them opportunities to flourish and the freedom to fail.  Fooled into free-ranging my chickadees.

No, not because it would make their flesh succulent and tender.

It’s because the little box that I yearn to keep them in is busting at the seams and at some point they may want to do things, like go to college.  Or get married.

And I hear that’s kind of hard to do when you’re being raised like veal.

7 Replies to “Free-Ranging It”

  1. I’m totally following your lead on this. So you figure out what kids can do at what age and I’ll do exactly the same thing.

  2. Oh man, not looking forward to the growing up part, even though I’m totally looking forward to the growing up part. I do keep hearing that kid wetting bed is nothing compared to kid taking out car w/ friends, so I’m glad I have some time yet. Don’t throw away that bubble wrap, maybe you can pass it down.

  3. I’m already scared. Just build a bigger box…

  4. Trust that your parenting skills have been very good and don’t lose sight of the long range goal that you want them to move out, and that letting go is a very good strategy to get to your goal and then hold your breath and pray a lot…from, been there,done that

  5. There’s always buying another car, parking it down the street, and using it to follow them around. You know, just in case of a head injury.

  6. Great post Daphne! You are wise.

  7. Let me know when to take off the bubble wrap. Oh wait . . .I might have already done that yesterday when the twins went in the elevator by themselves. No worries – I found them. Great post! Miss you. xoxo
    P.S. Will you or Kira teach me to braid?

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