We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Bowl

Sep 4th, 2012

Excuse me the title, but when Acadia showcased her Queen Monster Tomato my mind had yet to make the leap from Shark Week and bigger boats to farming and jumbo tomatoes. And when I say we’re gonna need a bigger bowl… I mean with all hands on deck and tomato juice flying and canning jars [...]


I’m Not Getting Voted Off This Homestead

Apr 5th, 2010

The last attempt I made to live off the land didn’t go very well.   Half pint and pa never bagged a bear, and what with all the churning and mending to be done I utterly failed at the task of putting up enough food to feed my family.  It was barely November and I had [...]


Noooooo! Not My Squash

Sep 8th, 2009

The same deluge that’s been teasing out the ragweed and the thistles in miserable numbers has been working wonders on our garden.  Instead of popping out with one of two nuggets of goodness, vines are bursting forth in clusters of fruitfulness.  I should be pleased. I should be grateful.  But I’m sulking. Sure, the tomatoes [...]


Dave’s Crazy Good Peach Salsa

Aug 27th, 2009

This salsa fresca is unbelievably good.  This version is medium-mild, but you can always increase the number of jalepenos if you like it hot hot hot.  The key here is using ultra-fresh ingredients. 2 c diced tomatoes 1/2 c diced yellow bell pepper 1 large diced, peeled peach 1/4 seeded and diced jalapeno (more or [...]


Footloose and Sneezy-free

Aug 22nd, 2009

Thank you to all for the plethora of suggestions on how to beat the seasonal snotties.  I take it you were not impressed with my plan of barring the doors and windows and never venturing forth into polite company again? Worries over me becoming a hermit are groundless.  Why just today I strolled out through [...]


Welcome to the Jungle

Aug 10th, 2009

We put in some time in the garden this weekend, and I think I finally understand those people who think slapping bugs and pulling weeds is relaxing.  It was delightful. I sat myself down in the wet dirt and wrestled with the overgrown jungle in our backyard.  There was no traffic concerning me.  I didn’t [...]


Hit the road, jack

Jun 19th, 2009

It’s time. We are ready to hit the road, Jack. Heck yeah we’re bringing Jack; who’d you think was going to do all the driving and the refueling and the feeding and entertaining of whining kids?  OK, not really.  It would be delightful to have imaginary handy Jack along, but it’ll just be the four [...]


Oh the weather

Oct 18th, 2008

Throngs of people will tell you that life in Colorado is just grand thanks to the 300+ days of glorious sunshine. I’ll let you in on a little secret: those sunny days can really grind on a person. They come with a burden of responsibility to get out there, get the kids outside, go ride [...]


Holy Tomatoes Batman

Sep 28th, 2008

Shout out to our new farm hands, friends Bridget and Colin , who joined our own little seasoned pickers in the field. Without those extra built-low-to-the ground pickers, I don’t know if I would be spending all my waking hours up to my elbows in tomato juice. Thanks, guys. Ok, so let’s say these extra [...]