In the Garden…April

May 7th, 2010

April 12, and our previously perky sprouts have called it quits.

All but that one little guy, who I think is an eggplant. Our over-zealous watering took out not only our nice handwritten signs, but much of our crop as well.

At least the tomatoes are still hanging in there –

Outside things are moving right along.  The snap peas are winning.  I think it’s their super-cool au natural trellis that keeps them reaching for the stars.

The rhubarb rules–

The garlic is doing great.

I overheard at the garden store that garlic and raspberries are a recommended pairing.  Maybe that’s why both these guys are going strong.  I love the look of these early raspberry leaves.

It seems I might have had some slight miscalculations when plotting out our square foot garden, and now I can’t be sure if this square is carrots or onions.  I had been 99% sure it was carrots, until these sprouts poked through –

They do not look like the frilly tops that I associate with carrots.  Any chance they are onions?

2 Comments on “In the Garden…April”

  1. Inna said:

    Its nice to be surprised with vegetables, no?
    I hope they are carronions. It would be something new you could market. They go into stock nicely and you only have to chop them once.

  2. notasoccermom said:

    We too have had an on and off weathered spring. My sprouts are inside and going crazy…
    I dont think those sprouts in the last picture look like carrots or onions.
    how do you keep the weeds at bay?