May 7…Frost v the Flowers

It’s hard to tiptoe on the tulips when they are slick with snow–

Snow, shmoe, I won’t let it get me down.  The weather changes so fast around here that you might not even notice something very fishy going on in the rhubarb patch.  What, exactly, is this?

I’ve had this rhubarb for seven summers now and this is the first time I’ve seen it get so, er, excited.   Email me stat if you’ve got a reasonable explanation.

With Dave up on the roof battling his nemesis, and me here on the ground with a broken foot and looming cold nights, there was little I could manage in the garden.  Still, Mother’s Day means I get my way (kind of) and my request was simple–just pick all the dang dandelions. I know it’s short-sighted but I don’t want to look at them and I’m the mother and it’s my day so just get rid of the things, okay?

And so it was.

And the mother was pleased as she watched the children pick the “wild flowers” and construct a chain of them which they looped round the au natural trellis and they all lived happily ever after.

On to the mundane.  I hobbled to and fro to photograph the progress being made between the snowflakes.

The spinach is coming along nicely,

As is the lettuce, which had been written off but is proving tougher than 28 degree nights–

Our itty bitty peach tree even has a couple of promising blossoms–

Mother’s Day had us planting, hesitantly.  We’re going to wait a few more weeks for some warmer nights before planting the more fragile stuff, but put in another round of carrots, onions and chard today.

4 Replies to “May 7…Frost v the Flowers”

  1. WOW – That’s some rhubarb! I was told – the other weekend in the Berkshires, actually – that rhubarb, if given the chance, will actually flower and fruit. It’s inedible, but there it is! However, you want to get rid of the fruit so that it doesn’t sap the strength from the other stalks.

  2. I have peach tree envy. It looks like our peach tree has succumbed to “peach tree borers”…I think they are like the Ceti Eel in the Wrath of Kahn, except that they go for peaches, instead of cerebral cortices.

  3. I have a nice young rhubarb plant who is eager to hook up

  4. Grandpa Mikey May 13, 2010 at 8:06 pm

    Probably the remnants of a flower. No personal experience,tho. G-P M

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