March in the Garden

May 7th, 2010

March is a pyscho. Never mind the whole lion and lamb thing.  It comes in like a fluffy bunny and then just like that turns into a frigid witch and then right back into a kitten. It’s driving me a little batty.

March 6, and our good old Northern corner spot is still snowbound.

We decide to take this party to the sunny side of the street yard.

We had no champagne to break her in, but this is officially the South Garden, future home of lush lettuce and gorgeous salad greens.

March 13, and enough of the snow has melted off the North to allow garlic shoots to push through.

Despite this positive sign, plans move ahead with the South Garden.

The weather is always warm and predictable here in the dining room.  Now home to sproutlings to be

Oh Welcome Back March.  It’s really so delightful to see your many moods once again. At least the girls are not bothered by the icy side of spring

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