Oh How the Garden Does Grow, May 20

May 21st, 2010

Sneaking off the couch and hobbling into the back yard I was rewarded with our very first spring salad –

And then over to the north garden to see how the rhubarb was behaving–

He may have been waving it in the air like he just didn’t care, but I paid him no mind and got right to business.  Harvesting time.

The leaves are mildly toxic, and I can’t go near them without gloves or I’ll break out in a rash, but it doesn’t bother the girls one bit.  They are of tougher stock.

Even a child can harvest rhubarb.  All you do is grasp the stalk, pretty close to the ground, and wiggle it.  It will release from the plant with this little slipper attached–

Stalks are ready when they are thick enough (about the diameter of a dime or thicker.) They will range in color from deep pink to light speckled green.

I dice them and freeze them for recipes like my favorite crisp.  Inside the color also ranges from a whitish pink to a light green–

Also reporting in: the raspberries have millions of tiny buds, and the strawberries, recently thinned, are sporting tons of flowers.

One Comment on “Oh How the Garden Does Grow, May 20”

  1. Kristen said:

    I love the gardening update! I wish I lived closer so I could benefit from a piece of cake and something that you might make your children with that rhubarb! You are fantastic! I hope you are enjoying the fruit of your labor.