Stupid March

This was yesterday.

The sun was shining on my hard-working husband as he measured out the twine. It’s all going according to plan…that is, our grand plan for square foot gardening in our brand new sun drenched garden plot.

Isn’t that a sight for hyper-organize, Type-A eyes?   All orderly and grid-like and ready for methodical planting that will result in plentiful vegetables for our happy homestead.

Here, in our new southern backyard locale, the sun warms the soil for long stretches of time; this is where the magic will occur. Here, tomatoes will swell to globes of obscene size and cucumbers will twirl up a hand-wrought trellis and squash will at last feel free to fornicate do what it takes to make little squashies.

I sat in the dirt and let the sun drip its Vitamin D all over my pale self while overseeing the work over at Fairy Village.  They were receiving a much anticipated upgrade over by the dwindling snow bank–

All was good.

The birds were singing.

Even the garlic poked up a tentative scape to greet the Spring.

The children were frolicking and the garden was brimming with promise.

I was warm.

I was happy.

Today, it is snowing.

Stupid March.

8 Replies to “Stupid March”

  1. I am right with ya sista! I was so crabby yesterday and it must be the weathers fault. I am debating going back to bed right now.

  2. Umm… isn’t that what happens in Colorado?

    March can be rough. We just had no heat, hot water or power for 24 hours due to storms.

  3. huh. We’ve had approximately 8, yes, EIGHT, inches of rain in the last three days. UUUUGGGGHHHH.

  4. March may be stupid, but the days just got longer and our kids slept past 9 today!

  5. I’ve got garden envy! Your new plot looks wonderful. My seeds are here and I’m dreaming of tender, young seedlings but have made no progress towards actually getting started. Good luck with the garden!

  6. We were luckier. Just a Noreaster with >hurricane winds. No snow. The sleeping Calladia, bleeding hearts and Clematis shuddered, but should be alive. Scapes are the flower shoots of the garlic, and are round in cross section. If you have scapes now you are really ahead of the season. G-P M

  7. Oh come on. One of the coolest things about Colorado is when the crocuses poke up through Spring snow. Right?

  8. Wow! You have done so much work. I am sure it will be fantastic once the snow is gone. Is it gone already?

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