There’s nothing like cinnamon in the morning

My kitchen smells amazing.   Unbelievably incredibly amazing.  And I’ll tell you, I don’t typically waste superlatives on things that don’t include chocolate.  In the interest of full disclosure, though, I probably should mention that I am writing this before my first attempt at homemade granola is ready for a taste test; at least this way I can carry on and on about the scrumptious smell even if the resulting snack comes out less edible than my exploding glass bread.

I’ve never made granola before, but the price of the stuff I buy at the store keeps climbing like an Ever-ready Sherpa.  And to hear my friends tell it, this stuff is even easier to make than pancakes from scratch.  So far, I’m a believer; I mixed up a batch in the time it took the girls to brush their teeth this morning.

Ten minutes to go according to the timer, and my house smells terrific. Forget lemon-scented cleansers, I may never clean again.  Close your eyes…could a house that smells this heavenly be dirty? I just don’t think so.

Speaking of smells, according to some new research pleasant odors, like peppermint or cinnamon, can increase alertness and reduce fatigue.  And, they found, it might even help with road rage.  I’m just saying, if you need a reason to mix up a batch of granola, think of your reputation:  you could be the most pleasant car-pooler out there.  Even without a mini-van.  And speaking of minivans, cinnamon is a powerful aphrodisiac too.  And it costs a mere fraction of the pricetag of a new car.

Therefore, in conclusion, here is is. . . My list of convincing reasons why you should stop everything and make  granola:

  1. These are tough economic times, homemade is cheaper.
  2. The sweet smell of cinnamon means an end to boring house cleaning.
  3. The sweet smell of cinnamon is the right spice for heating up a marriage.
  4. It’ll make you perky, alert, and happy behind the wheel.
  5. You can hide healthy stuff in there, like flax seeds
  6. You can hide healthy stuff in there, And THE KIDS WILL EAT IT.
  7. THE NUMBER ONE REASON TO MAKE GRANOLA (listed here at number 7)–it tastes really, really good.
  8. Really, it does.  I just tasted my first attempt at homemade granola.  And it is good.

10 Replies to “There’s nothing like cinnamon in the morning”

  1. Awesome, I love granola. Hope you saved some for uncle David.

  2. Sounds really good! I will have to try to make it one of these days. Thanks for the recipe.

  3. is your blog now sponsored by granola? wow, that was some sell. i’m craving granola and it’s like midnight.

    i’m still not convinced that cinnamon is spicing up your marriage. Will dave confirm that?

  4. Aww, c’mon, you can’t tell me it wasn’t just having had that great home-made granola at your little sis’s house that got you on the granola bandwagon…

  5. cool – I will make this with Rosie – we have a Friday baking routine and she will love this one, as she can eat most of the ingredients as we go. Thanks!

  6. I know it is easy but I never make it and always think I should! oh well, one of these days. Maybe this post will be the inspiration I need. Although, if you are going to put flax, the seeds don’t digest well, not much benefit to the seeds.

  7. Yes, I should have specified–I hide Ground flax seeds in there. Thanks for pointing it out, Grace!

  8. Glad the granola turned out – now you know why I am addicted to it! Mix it with some of your home-grown raspberries this summer and you will be in breakfast nirvana!

  9. These all seem like good reasons to me — I can almost smell it cooking!!!

  10. I made it! except I used peanut butter instead of dried fruit and I don’t stir it because I like to eat it in chunks. MJ has never liked granola but Evan loves it. It is so easy I don’t know why I never made it before, thanks for the nudge!

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