I’ll take one latte…and 23 fifth graders please

According to my best friend forever, Michelle, it’s time to get moving on this year’s garden.  Right-o, let me see; I need 27 starter potatoes, a pack of cucumber seeds, a roto-tiller, and HOLD THE PHONE!  I’m going about this all wrong.  Forget the roto-tiller, I’ll take an iced latte and 23 fifth graders.

Michelle Obama (you know? my BFF,) had the most fabulous idea.  Actually, I think I’ll grab credit for the garden idea.  I have been telling her forever that ripping up that useless, chemically-dependent rolling green lawn in favor of an organic kitchen garden is the way to go.

She came up with fifth grader part, but adding in the latte was all me.  I’m civilized like that.

Honestly, the First Lady may not be totally aware of our budding friendship just yet.  It is an inevitability once she learns how much we have in common.  We both have two daughters who enjoy a nice game of bowling (although her’s play the video game while mine rock the real deal.)

Not for nothing, but my kids do rock the bowling alley with style.  And grace.  What’s better than a sport that can be played sitting down?

I digress.

I was demonstrating the leagues of things that Michelle O and I have in common.  For instance, we both are concerned with getting our kids to eat well.  We both have been know to say things like “You can begin in your own cupboard by eliminating processed food, trying to cook a meal a little more often, trying to incorporate more fruits and vegetables.”

Granted she said it to The NY Times, and I say it mostly to the swaths of prisoners I keep chained in my kitchen well-intentioned friends who drop by for a cup of coffee.

To top it all off, I just know our husbands would get along. They both play basketball and in their spare time serve as leaders of the free world.  True, Dave’s record on influencing foreign dignitaries is less than impressive, but his jump shot is all that and a bag of organic chips.   Not that the President should read that as a challenge.  Dave is much to busy organizing fifth graders in our back yard to fly to DC for a game of pick-up.

Ok then. Now that I have seamlessly covered organic gardening, politics, basketball, bowling, fifth graders, and lattes I can get back to that point I was trying to make…

Sorry, no time for points.  Let me sum up:

  1. Rip up your lawn.
  2. Plant a garden.
  3. Put a fifth grader (or twenty-three) to work.
  4. Sit back, relax, and participate in your local bring-a-family-bowling-night.

The 2009 Bring-A-Family-Bowling Winners

Nice looking group, right?  I can’t make any promises, Michelle; but the Obamas do have a decent chance at becoming next year’s lucky recipients.  (Don’t worry about skill; we’re all here to have fun.  Besides, I’m pretty sure that only the youngest in our group scored upward of 50 points.)