What I did over Winter Break

Jan 28th, 2013

My children might try to tell you that I spent their winter break hiding away in a pumpkin shell. And maybe I did and maybe I didn’t. And maybe the impossible sheen of my bouncy tail makes the whole issue a moot point anyway. Ahh, such fluffy finesse.  It is not achieved through the wonders [...]


And There I’d Keep Him Very Well

Nov 4th, 2009

The “there” of which I speak is this inconceivably large pumpkin shell.  Care to guess whom I would like to stuff inside? You might be thinking Dave, particularly if you have read the lyrical ode to my over- ambitious pumpkin-seed loving husband.  Perhaps putting him in a pumpkin shell is the consummate solution to a [...]


Only November, so where’d all that food go?

Nov 24th, 2008

Perhaps you remember our good pal, Squiggy? The famous fiend of the savage sunflower attack of ’08? That notorious backyard napper? Well, let’s just say he’s all caught up on his sleep and not wasting his time batting around flowers anymore.  He’s all business. And I’m kind of falling in awe with the little guy. [...]


What about those pumpkins?

Nov 13th, 2008

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. We need to talk about those post-Halloween pumpkins. They are still handy, you know, once the cute pictures have been snapped and the last of the candy has been pilfered from the children’s hiding spots. The way I see it, once the carving knife has been retired there are a [...]