Once Upon a Time in an Enchanted Suburb

Oct 30th, 2011

Once upon a time in an enchanted suburb there lived a family. There was a king.  A queen.  A couple of princesses.  It was quite an ordinary family. They were content; not much happened in their little kingdom. Then one day funny things did start to happen. Funny, unexpected things that were not really the [...]


I’ll Have Thanksgiving When I Want to Have Thanksgiving

Nov 12th, 2009

The thing about holidays is that there are billions of things that can make one cranky.  Jacked-up airline prices and crowded airports; insanity at the market and children who insist on dallying with strep throat.  Not to mention the pressure, the crowds, and all those random crazy hungry people who insist they are related to [...]


Little House in the ‘burbs

Sep 26th, 2008

With half-pint and quarter-pint off to school it was time Ole Ma got that kettle on the fire. That food’s not going to put itself up, you know. How this family expects to make it through an unforgiving winter without a hefty supply of tomatoes in the freezer is beyond me. You know that Slow [...]


Happy Birthday to Acadia

Sep 25th, 2008

I’m working on a boatload of humorous articles, useful tips and wonderful recipes following our harvest day at the farm last weekend, really I am. But how can I be expected to formulate sentences when I am swimming (drowning?) in the inconceivable fact that, as of 2:54 last night, my baby turned five. FIVE! Here’s [...]


Yeah, yeah, it’s just a cold

Sep 17th, 2008

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with what I’m about to write. It’s simply a ploy to lure you in to the bout of whining in which I am about to engage. My apologies, but… …do not tell the children, these adorable trusting veggie-munching children, that I’ve been bad. Really bad. I’m talking impure [...]


And away we went…

Aug 16th, 2008

I feel awful. Just as you were getting used to a regular dose of dry wit and a side of brilliant recipes, poof, the green Bieners just up and disappeared. My sincere apologies. Thing is, I’m pretty new to life in the blog-o-sphere and while I did remember to pack 18 pairs of panties and [...]