Surprisingly Entertaining Pets

My kids have been asking for a pet since they could speak.  Something warm and fuzzy they could cuddle and love.

Hello Fluffy

Who cares that this adorable critter arrived alongside 30 pounds of his friends to take a spicy steam bath?  If my babies want a pet, then a pet they shall have.

At least for an hour or so.

And nothing says cuddly and sweet like a crayfish.  True, online experts claim them to be “incredibly aggressive, territorial and even cannibalistic,” yet they also find them to be “surprisingly entertaining pets to keep.”

And if by entertaining they mean catching the little mud-bugger as he leaps from his tupperware and sprints across the lawn, then I guess they are spot on.

***note to the greener reader***

Yes, I do realize that nothing in this post could possibly be construed as green.  Some might even call it tactless and carnivorous.  And for that I am sorry.  But hey — you know what goes really well with crawfish? Nudity.  It’s true, just ask anyone who’s spent time in New Orleans. So if it helps at all, I did also talk today about getting naked;  just click over to Mama Bird Diaries and check it out.