Nature: 1, Nuture: 0

Yes, I know.  The smile on this face as it soars through the air with the greatest of ease would delight any parent.

And yet I confess, for as long as our youngest has been flashing us hints of her true nature, I have been trying my darnedest to nurture it out of her.

I’ve tried logic. I’ve tried restraining devices. And I’ve tried everything in between.  Nurture’s got nothing in the face of the iron strong will of a child who sees very little appeal in setting her feet upon terra firma.

My husband will gently suggest that I over-react.

That I’ve spent the past 9 years ladling up my fears and issues all over this poor child who really doesn’t curse the world that has unjustly saddled her with laws of gravity.


It’s been a few years since Psych 101, so help me decipher this.  It’s Acadia’s answer to her 4th grade assignment to draw a picture that shows the class how you see yourself:

Ok my child, I hear you.  It’s not a passing phase.

And I do apologize for overlooking this obvious fact when you brought home your first arboreal self-portrait over 3 years ago.

It is not the thrill of autumn colors that tugs at your heart.  And it’s not the alluring scent of crisp apples that metaphorically attracts you to the tree-tops, either.

Ground = bad.  Tree tops = Good.

Got it, nature.  Message received.   And I hereby promise to try my best to harness my smothering need to nurture you back down to the earth.

6 Replies to “Nature: 1, Nuture: 0”

  1. She is definitely self-aware.

  2. As you said, the pictorial evidence is indisputable. Acadia obviously wants (needs) to be airborne. There are plenty of safe options: tree trimmer, airplane pilot, bungee instructor, window washer, smoke jumper…

  3. she is not subtle..I was too afraid to take that picture on top of the slide, while I was in charge..I figured I would be arrested for neglect and poor judgment

  4. Can we please buy her first sky diving or air gliding lesson!! Please:)

  5. Happy (belated) birthday Miss. Acadia – and to her mom too. She is a libra which is an Air sign. Ok, I know that is astrology not psychology but it has been awhile since I took psych 101 too :-). xoxo

  6. That is truly amazing. Wow. I think you’ve got a pilot on your hands. Free miles!!

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