Mwha Ha Ha, Mwha Ha Ha (wring hands here)

Nov 18th, 2009

That’s the sound of my mad scientists, seen here hatching their plans to overtake the world.


Maybe they’re not plotting intergalactic mayhem. At this moment they claim to be separating out strands of DNA from corn meal at the new exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

Even if they were plotting world domination, there’s something about my babies all geared up in scientist garb that’s just so darn sweet.  Even intergalactic mayhem would be palatable if it came wrapped in this package.  Am I right?


You got me.  I just like saying intergalactic mayhem.  It’s fun.  Try it.

Know what I’m up to this afternoon?

Not much.

Just some intergalactic mayhem, that’s all.

If ever there were two intergalactic mayhem-wringing punks, it would be mine.  They are so in-sync that even their brain waves bob up and down in the same rhythm.  I know, because they hooked themselves up and I watched their brains a’waving.


This is a game at Exhibition Health.  The player who can make her mind relax the most moves the ball across the board and into her opponent’s goal.   Not only did the girls’ battle of calmness last almost 5 minutes, but their wavelengths were completely synchronized until the final second, when, with a burst of mind control, Acadia relaxed past her sister for the win.

Dave and I also engaged our brainwaves in some head-to-head combat. Our game lasted a nano-second.   Maybe that’s because he had no problem closing his eyes and losing sight of his children in a crowded museum, while I remained ever vigilant.  Maybe I worry too much.  Either way, I lost the game; I retained sight of my children.  Everyone’s a winner.

Now if you’re wondering what in this crazy blue planet does intergalactic mayhem have to do with my whole eating green theme, be patient young grasshopper; I was just getting to that.

Despite the fact that Dave still has his eyes closed from his triumph in the battle of the brainwaves, do not be fooled.  He may look sleepy, but that’s just because science is such hard work.


And if you don’t think intergalactic mayhem-making builds a mega-appetite, than you’ve got a thing or two to learn about science my friend.

Somebody’s got to feed the starving scientists.

That’s where I come in.

Mayhem-makers or not, they’re my babies.  And when they return from a long day of wreaking havoc in our solar system there will be a local, sustainably-raised, organic meal waiting for them.

8 Comments on “Mwha Ha Ha, Mwha Ha Ha (wring hands here)”

  1. the mama bird diaries said:

    The family that does mad science together, stays together. Right?

  2. rikesh said:

    Our scientists of tomorrow start out eating well thanks to you.

  3. Kristen said:

    It never ceases to amaze when and where my husband can relax and fall asleep for that matter. I would have lost in less than a nano second. Good job for trying!

  4. christina brady said:

    so glad to hear there’s new stuff at the Denver Science Museum – we miss that place.. and yes, seeing your kids dressed as mad scientists is fun ;-)

  5. Oz said:

    We just took our two-year-old to DMNS, and he had a blast. I had no idea they had stuff for little ones, too, until my father told us we should go. It’s such a great museum!

  6. Rob Biener said:

    My boys would love it there, it looked like fun. I cannot even imagine which one of my boys would win they could never do that. Have a great Thanksgiving weekend :)

  7. Rob Biener said:

    That was from Grace, but I represent so it can be from Rob too

  8. LT said:

    Very cute mad scientists (the girls – ok, you and Dave too)! Looks like fun!