The Facts of Life, thanks to the farm

Just minutes after we were officially welcomed with a beautifully carved sign, mountain views and clean restrooms–

we got our REAL welcome to life on the farm–

There it is, the facts of life in your face.  You might be thinking, especially if you recall what happened over winter break, that I bring out the frisky in animals.  Perhaps I do.  Either way, it provided a fitting conclusion to the conversation that I recently had with the girls; THE conversation.  The one about eggs and sperm and making babies that, in retrospect, I might have left a little open-ended.  Thanks to Fernando and Bovina for the visual that effectively fielded any remaining questions.

Kira watched the action, observed the cow’s blase demeanor despite the considerably-sized bull behind her, and wanted to know “does she even know that he’s there?”  Take another look at that picture. Talk about your high expectations.

I can only assume that’s what these crazy kids discussed on their first date. Sure that’s my eight year old being driven around by a boy, but hey, life on the farm follows it’s own timeline.  And when he asked her join him on a jaunt to spread manure in the fields, Kira leaped at the chance.

While the eight year olds pondered life’s deeper questions, back at the barn…

Acadia got friendly with the horses,

and helped feed the chickens. They even convinced the hens to give up a bunch of eggs too. I’m starting to think that I haven’t been fulling utilizing the farming capabilities of these girls.

We frolicked with fish, moved the cows, and mucked the muckity-muck from the horse stalls.  But still, my heart belongs to the true wild child of the farm, Rasta Chicken.  I know looks aren’t everything, but try telling that to this fine looking lady —

Superior hair style not-withstanding, my little Rasta Hen isn’t getting her fair share of the lovin’.  Most of the time she sits alone in a corner, missing out on the hen-house gossip and the attention of the resident rooster.  I’m no farmer, but look at that gleam in her beady eye.

This lady knows her birds and bees. Just give her a chance to prove it.

8 Replies to “The Facts of Life, thanks to the farm”

  1. Love the rasta hen! Maybe she’s just waiting for the right rooster to come along -do roosters wear dreads?

  2. Oh my, you had THE talk already?! Wow, I thought that wasn’t coming for awhile! Weren’t we just talking fairies and princesses?

  3. You had the talk!! MJ has been asking for all the details but I told him he was to young to learn the specifics. I Don’t know what to do. How did Acadia handle it? As always I love your humor and I truly laugh out loud. The cow comment was too funny! The girls look like naturals on the farm. Let me know when you want to live together on one and put all the Biener children to work.

  4. Wow, this trip is fun and educational! 🙂
    When the time comes maybe you can have the talk with Fletcher and Alyssa too. Hope you travel safely and that our paths cross.

  5. i’m glad someone is getting some action on your trip. 🙂

  6. Oh my…. you had to include a picture! I would have believed your description. I am glad you are all having a good time. Enjoy it. The memories are priceless!

  7. Grandpa Mikey July 12, 2009 at 9:10 pm

    What they learn these days. Great trip. G-P M

  8. I love your pictures. I would like to be there with you. Have fun for us all.

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